Performance Coach

Helping you to  REFOCUS   and step back into your POWER


Jaz K.

5kg down, more muscle, moved house and had a 2yr-old. No restrictions, no diet plan.

12 week weight loss transformation

Phil H.

Lost 10kg overall, but this wasn’t his biggest win.

12 week weight loss transformation


Took charge over his decisions and priorities. 12 weeks, 12lbs, reduced smoking by 80%.

12 week weight loss transformation


Jay Vadera

If you're looking for a coach who takes a more tailored and holistic view of change then Vimal is your man...

Jaz Kular

Absolutely life-changing experience working with Vimal. He has helped me overcome a lifestyle and mindset shift that has held me back for almost 20 years...

Kiran Kaur

Vimal is an amazing individual with a fantastic and approachable personality. He has a nurturing side to him that would help anyone feel at ease...

Nandhini S.

I went for what I assumed was a 12 week weight loss plan/support and came out of it with a completely different mindset...


When you're at your best,EVERYONE benefits.

Raise your self-priority, self-love, self-awareness

The Iceberg


“Dedicate a few months, grind hard and execute an expertly crafted diet and workout plan”

It’s a tough lesson when it take 20 years to realise that this solution, is not the solution. As Gate’s Law states:

“Most people overestimate what they can achieve in a year and underestimate what they can achieve in ten years”

Most of the people I speak to say they wanted to be the super parent and the loving partner that never lets anyone down – A true hero.

Truth is, they were far from operating at their best. They were exhausted, clothes bulging in the wrong places, work was tiring and they struggled to admit it. Overwhelmed, arriving home unable to switch off and loaded with stress.

What Happened? Their priorities changed, life happened and something had to give. More often than not, it was their health.

And so like the iceberg, the reasons why they haven’t managed to reach their goal lies far beneath the surface. Its not just the about the workout plan and dialling in the right macros, it’s a lot more.



This blueprint not only provides my clients with the tools and support to drop the kgs, but also provides a platform to instil better habits & behaviours so they can starting thriving. This is for the long game; not a quick fix.


Raise your energy and resilience.
Workouts structured around your specific needs.


Zero restriction. Instead, development understanding and control.


Motivation and consistency is key. We work on strategies to stay motivated and SELF-accountable.


Adopt a lifestyle that allow you to maintain your results. This means effective integration into YOUR life.

yellow mountains

Bottom Line

  • I help people to get in shape and raise their energy
  • Refocus their awareness so they can begin to consciously 'respond' rather than 'react’. It's all in the decisions made.
  • Realign the right habits and behaviours so the transformation is truly sustainable
  • I coach them around their fitness, nutrition & lifestyle decisions.
  • Commit to simple easy win solutions so they can double-down on what matters most and start THRIVING!

What you get

  • 3-months Group Coaching
  • 9-months Group Accountability
  • Tailored Workout plan
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Access to my app
  • Access to online modules

Want to chat?

Let’s have a quick chat to understand more about you, your goals and, of course, ask me any questions.
If you’re keen, we can schedule a free coaching call – No commitment.

Book a Call


My fees range from £2k to £10k

It all depends on your goals and your needs, all of which we will discuss in detail during our 1-to-1 consultation.

Bare in mind the price of my program reflects the quality of the program, my coaching and ultimately the results and value you get at the end. There are cheaper and even free programs available out there, but the real questions you should be asking yourself are – How long have I been unhappy with my situation, and how much are my goals and my health worth to me?

Money comes and goes but once your health is spent you won’t be getting another.

My program is specifically designed to be done anywhere at anytime! That means that no matter where you are your progress won’t be hindered at all.

My background in personal training and over 600 hours coaching, lots of great men and women, allows me to effectively guide my clients in attaining their physical goals. The program takes a holistic approach where we focus on the bigger levers (the small changes that make the biggest impacts). We’ll work with your habits, mindset and lifestyle to figure a sustainable routine to use for life.

I take my client’s privacy seriously. This means our sessions are held in the strictest confidence. I will only share client progress or experiences if I have permission from them to do so.

Just a quick call to figure out if this could be something worth pursuing. If you feel that you want to consider working together, we can schedule a free coaching call with absolutely no commitment to join the program.

We’ll have a conversation to gain clarity on exactly where you are now, define your goals in detail and then figure out the roadmap to get you from A to B. At the end we can decide if coaching is the best way forwards for you. Either way, I can guarantee you will leave the call with great value.

It’s the perfect length for not only getting back in shape, raising your energy but also long enough to begin instilling transformative and sustainable changes. You’ll even get COMPLIMENTARY accountability calls for 9 months AFTER you finish!!