Jaz Kular - 31

Phil Hadley - 35

Bela Patel - 61

Bhavisha Lad - 39

Zina Kular - 34

Vinny Rabadia - 39

Jay Vadera - 41

Preetham Peddanagari - 46

Mish Katechia - 30



Jay Vadera

If you're looking for a coach who takes a more tailored and holistic view of change then Vimal is your man. I'm well versed in health & fitness so I struggle to relate to other "coaches". Thankfully Vimal is an exception to the rule. He actively listened to what will work for me & tailored his approach accordingly. With the right coach you can turn your life into a more focused and positive one. Also don't fall into the absolutely ridiculous perception that because you're a bloke you can't have mental health struggles. Reach out and ask for help because that takes bigger balls than staying quiet and "Manning up".

Jaz Kular

Absolutely life-changing experience working with Vimal. He has helped me overcome a lifestyle and mindset shift that has held me back for almost 20 years. The results I have achieved with him in such a short space of time have been incredible and I have no doubt that I have the tools to achieve my long-term fitness and health goals.

What I absolutely loved working with Vimal is the strong focus on the mind-body connection to ensure it’s a positive and fulfilling approach which is the only way to make sure it’s sustainable.

I would highly recommend him 🙌🏽

Nandhini S.

Vimal changes minds and hence he changes our lives ... I went for what I assumed was a 12 week weight loss plan and came out of it with a completely different mindset ....The journey was out of my comfort zone, sometimes scary, cathartic and at the same time exhilarating and full of self-discovery.

Not just my weight, most of my external manifestation was a byproduct of internal chemistry and Vimal gently addresses that. The program not only allowed me to progress with sustainable weight loss it helped with others aspects of my "personal response" to curve balls that life flings at us occasionally.



My fees range from £2k to £10k

It all depends on your goals and your needs, all of which we will discuss in detail during our 1-to-1 consultation.

Bare in mind the price of my program reflects the quality of the program, my coaching and ultimately the results and value you get at the end. There are cheaper and even free programs available out there, but the real questions you should be asking yourself are – How long have I been unhappy with my situation, and how much are my goals and my health worth to me?

Money comes and goes but once your health is spent you won’t be getting another.

My program is specifically designed to be done anywhere at anytime! That means that no matter where you are your progress won’t be hindered at all.

My background in personal training and over 600 hours coaching, lots of great men and women, allows me to effectively guide my clients in attaining their physical goals. The program takes a holistic approach where we focus on the bigger levers (the small changes that make the biggest impacts). We’ll work with your habits, mindset and lifestyle to figure a sustainable routine to use for life.

I take my client’s privacy seriously. This means our sessions are held in the strictest confidence. I will only share client progress or experiences if I have permission from them to do so.

Just a quick call to figure out if this could be something worth pursuing. If you feel that you want to consider working together, we can schedule a free coaching call with absolutely no commitment to join the program.

We’ll have a conversation to gain clarity on exactly where you are now, define your goals in detail and then figure out the roadmap to get you from A to B. At the end we can decide if coaching is the best way forwards for you. Either way, I can guarantee you will leave the call with great value.

It’s the perfect length for not only getting back in shape, raising your energy but also long enough to begin instilling transformative and sustainable changes. You’ll even get COMPLIMENTARY accountability calls for 9 months AFTER you finish!!